Tampa Bay Cold Case Project | CASE 10

Hotel Room

    On April 26, 1980, the St. Petersburg Police Department found the body of a deceased white man in a hotel room at 701 34th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida.   He was found deceased with a friend named Jack Roy Davis.  The man was possibly from either California, Missouri, or Tennessee, and may have gone by the names of John, Johnny, Robert, or Ronald. 

    At the request of the St. Petersburg Police Department, the District 6 Medical Examiner’s Office and the University of South Florida’s Forensic Anthropology Laboratory exhumed the remains of this unidentified individual to begin a new thorough analysis with the hopes of leading to identification.

    He is between 25-40 years old, and is about 5’8” tall and weighs about 155 pounds.  He has red-brown hair, hazel eyes, and a red-brown beard and mustache.  He has a long scar (about 16 inches long) from his right chest to his left side, as well as a scar under both his right and left nipples.  He has had previous open heart surgery to repair an interventricular septal defect.  He was wearing blue jeans and two necklaces, a white metal necklace with a white star and a yellow metal necklace with a horn shape medallion.  He has had some dental work, including some fillings on the front side of his upper front teeth.  An artist’s rendering was made of the man’s face with the hope of someone recognizing this man. 

    If you have any information regarding the identity of this individual based on the above description and/or the facial reconstruction, please contact the St. Petersburg Police Department.  Contact Investigator Brenda Stevenson in the Homicide Division at 727-893-7164. 

    If you are looking for a missing person, contact The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) at www.NamUs.gov. NamUs is an online source that enables the public to search for as well as enter information about missing individuals. Many families have found their missing loved one by searching the site for unidentified individuals.