Art of Forensics: Solving Florida’s Cold Cases

    In Florida, there are more than 670 individuals who either died alone or were recovered in public places and whose identities are still unknown. These cases represent unsolved homicides (cold cases) and individuals who died from natural or accidental causes.

    This project is a service oriented research initiative, in collaboration with local Medical Examiner Departments and associated law enforcement agencies throughout the region. This project has lead to many successful outcomes.

    The goals for this initiative are to: 1) aid with human identification; 2) systematically apply a comprehensive set of methods and tools to all unsolved cases; 3) investigate regional homicide patterns; and 4) document osteological, chemical, burial and post-mortem factors about each case to develop a baseline of data relevant to the local population and natural environment in the region.

    As part of this initiative we provide:

    • New facial imaging and clothing approximations
    • Cold Case Review
    • Analysis for Identification
    • Chemical and Elemental Isotope Analysis
    Map of Cold Case Recovery Locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area