IFAAS Advisory Counsel

Mike Hurley, (Ret.) Sergeant, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office *Counsel Chair

George Kamenov, Ph.D., Director of Geochemistry, IFAAS

Jon Bethard, Ph.D., Forensic Anthropologist, IFAAS

Howard Kaplan, M.A., Visualization Specialist, IFAAS

Sadie Darnell, Sheriff, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Bob White, (Ret.) Sheriff, Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Jeff Peake, M.A., Major, Pasco County Sheriff Office

Michelle Doherty, J.D., Hillsborough County State Attorney Office

George Loydgren, Detective, Hernando County Sheriff Office

Brenda Stevenson, Investigator, St. Petersburg Police Department

David Brand, Law Enforcement Coordinator, Florida Sheriff’s Association

Greg Thomas, Corporal, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Davidson Scanlan, Special Agent, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Eric Seltzer, Captain, Pasco County Sheriff Office

Charlotte Braziel, M.A., (Ret.) Agent, FBI

Tom McAndrew, M.A., Corporal, Pennsylvania State Police

Jim Markey, (Ret.) Sergeant, Tucson Police Department