IFAAS is comprised of USF faculty from multiple disciplines and colleges across the campus, instructors and adjunct faculty with specific areas of expertise, an Advisory Board, and numerous Academic and Community Partners.

    Executive Director & Forensic Anthropologist

    Erin H. Kimmerle, Ph.D.
    (t) 813.974.5139, (f) 813.974.2668

    Director of Geochemistry

    George Kamenov, Ph.D.
    (t) 352.246.1052

    Lab Manager & Donation Program Coordinator

    Kelsee Hentschel, M.A., and Doctoral Student
    (t) 813.974.4219

    Cold Case Program Manager

    Melissa Pope, M.A., and Doctoral Student
    (t) 813.974.4219

    Forensic Anthropologist

    Johnathan Bethard, Ph.D.
    (t) 813.974.4219

    Forensic Anthropologist

    Cate Bird, Ph.D.
    (t) 813.974.4219
    Howard Kaplan, MSc. USF Engineering, Visualization Specialist
    Barry Lipton, DDS. Forensic Odontologist