Partnership in Research & Training

Sheriff Chris Nocco, Pasco Sheriff Office

    Community Engaged Scholarship
    The Pasco Sheriff's Office has been a leader in Intelligence-led Policing, process improvement, and innovation to continually respond to new and evolving crime threats in their community. The ability to develop effective strategies to address emerging crime trends, formulate a plan, and quickly implement it has kept the agency at the forefront of policing. Speed is critical to their success, and bureaucratic processes that delay implementation are always challenged and overcome.  For instance, to search for the latest investigative techniques, they routinely partner with USF to problem solve and look for new and innovative techniques to resolve complex or cold cases. The agency's appreciation for forensic research and applied science has fostered creative and forensically sound solutions to their greatest investigative challenges. Every new forensic technique discovered opens new investigative avenues and allows their forensic investigators and detectives to quickly apply in the field with future cases.

    The Pasco Sheriff's Office is expanding its strong partnership with academia to develop a state-of-the-art research center that informs, innovates, and offers the most cutting-edge forensic training in law enforcement. An all-inclusive forensic research center hosting all the forensic disciplines with subject matter experts and specialized resources would allow the Florida law enforcement community to stay in sync with the advancing forensic science practices and quickly apply to the field. By creating an environment where law enforcement can work alongside researchers to better understand crime scenes and integrate with the latest investigative techniques, investigators will become highly skilled at collecting, processing, and interpreting evidence in their cases. 

Collaboration in Cold Case

Sheriff Sadie Darnell, Chair (Alachua County)

    Florida Sheriff's Association
    Cold Case Review Team

    The CCRT Committee is an inter-disciplinary approach for reviewing the available information and evidence from homicide and selected missing persons cases that have not yet been solved. A committee of subject matter experts reviews the available information, presented by case officers from the submitting agency, and offers investigative advice based on their expertise and newly emerging scientific technology. 

    Homicide clearance rates decreased from 91% in 1965 to 63% in 2007. While numerous theories related to what caused this change exist, in the early 60s most homicide cases involved individuals who knew one another.  By the mid-90s, 53% of all murders were between strangers, making them more difficult to solve.

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