About Us

    We are dedicated to confronting issues of missing, endangered, exploited, and unidentified persons and the need for innovative strategies for applying science to such medico legal and human rights initiatives. These cases are often related to homicide and human trafficking investigations and mass atrocities. Committed to the pursuit and promotion of equal access to justice, we provide expert technical assistance and training to law enforcement and medico legal professionals in the areas of applied science.

    We strive to find truth and justice in the wake of these tragedies. We believe that working judicial systems are the foundation of peace and democracy. Dignity is restored and justice achieved when all people have access to these systems of justice and the capacity of such systems meet the needs of victims. Science is a catalyst for access, transparency, and truth.

    Research focuses on applied science for human identification, forensic imaging, homicide patterns, clandestine burial recovery and decomposition, human trafficking, enforced disappearances, missing and endangered persons, torture and extrajudicial execution, war crimes and mass atrocities, and the justice process (including prosecution, impunity, reparations, and repatriation).

    Technical Assistance
    We provide range of services in human identification, facial imaging, living person age estimation, clandestine grave search and recovery, grave excavation, crime scene documentation, geophysical and spatial technologies, forensic visualization, trauma analysis, chemical isotope and elemental analysis, ballistics, blood patterns, and expert testimony.

    Engagement and Service Oriented Pedagogy
    Education and professional development is provided on topics of applied sciences for graduate and undergraduate students, law enforcement, and other professionals in the medico legal community.