Concentration in Forensic & Archaeological Sciences – USF Anthropology

Forensic Facial Imaging for Identification

  • Instructors: Sergio Soto & Erin Kimmerle
  • March 12-16 (30 cr. hrs.) at USF SCA 222
  • Class meets M-W 900-500 and TH 9:00-12:00
  • Register: $325
  • This course uses Photoshop and teaches students how to manipulate photographs (i.e. postmortem images of unknown persons to make composites for public viewing), age progression/regression for facial reconstructions, clothing and artifact photographic reconstructions, and composite facials for skeletal remains.
  • This course is intended for forensic artists who work in law enforcement and forensic anthropologists.

Advanced Interview and Interrogation Techniques

  • Instructor Pat Kelly, FBI (Ret.)
  • May 8-10 (24 cr. hrs.) at USF, 830am-500pm
  • Register here: $355
  • This course covers the history of the detection of deception; the physiological basis of detection of deception, proxemics (relationship of interviewer to individual), Neuro-linguistic programming, Qualities of a good interviewer/interrogator, Verbal and non-verbal traits, Statement analysis, Diagnostic interviewing, Steps of the interrogation, Theme development, Cognitive interviewing, and will include Role playing (practical application of principles).
  • This course is intended for law enforcement, violent crimes detectives and supervisors, and prosecutors.

Advanced Buried Body Course: Search & Recovery Methods

  • Instructor: Erin Kimmerle and range of invited speakers and faculty
  • November 12-16 (40 cr. hr.) at USF and outdoor field work at Kennedy Forensic Facility in Pasco County
  • 900-500 M-F
  • Register here: $625
  • Limited enrollment to 30 participants – sign up now!!
  • Class limited to those currently working for law enforcement including detectives, supervisors, crime scene personnel, death investigators, prosecutors and medical examiner’s, and forensic anthropologists.

USF 7th Annual Cold Case Conference

  • December 3-7 (40 cr. hr.), 830am-500pm
  • Register here: $575
  • A range of invited speakers will cover advanced topics in cold case homicide, sexual assault, missing and unidentified persons.
  • This conference is open to cold case/homicide and violent crimes detectives, supervisors, medical examiners and death investigators, criminologists and forensic anthropologists, crime scene investigators, and crime lab personnel.
  • To become a sponsor, please contact Erin Kimmerle: