5th Annual USF Annual Cold Case Conference

    Innovative Strategies & Hot Topics in Cold Case Covering Homicide, Missing and Unidentified Persons, and Sexual Assault

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    6200 Gulf Blvd
    St. Petersburg, FL 33706
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    Opportunity to network with cold case experts and cold case investigators throughout United States!

    The ultimate cold case conference covering Homicide, Missing and Unidentified Persons, and Sexual Assault cases. Register for either the 5-day Homicide program or the 4-day Sex Assault Program. This conference is of importance to law enforcement, campus police, forensic nurses, victim advocates, medical examiners, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, students, and prosecutors. The conference will bring together some of the Nation’s leading experts in cold case investigation and prosecution.

    Cold Case Sexual Assault Investigations
    ($495 for four-day program)
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    The problem of unsolved rape cases and untested sex assault kits has rocked the Nation, sent agencies spinning, created laboratory backlogs, and re-traumatized victims. Topics include the latest in methods, strategies, and resources available. Attendees will be provided best practices and standards for:

    • • Investigation & Prosecution of Strangulation Cases
    • • Developing a cold case investigative strategy
    • • Managing cold case investigations
    • • Crime scene interpretation and case linkage
    • • Understanding forensic evidence and CODIS hit follow up
    • • Interviewing strategies
    • • Behavior analysis of the crime scene
    • • Proper case closure and court preparation/prosecution
    • • Solving cases with Familial DNA

    Attendees will participate in a cold case review/table top activity which will be utilized to practically apply the base of knowledge gained throughout the lecture sessions.
    The training will also provide critical information on victim impact in these cold cases and how to develop strategies for working and providing support for these survivors.

    Cold Case Homicide Investigations
    ($595 for five-day program)
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    It is estimated that there are more than 240,000 unsolved homicides in the United States since 1980 and thousands more remain unsolved each year! The problem of cold case is growing despite advances in scientific tools. This conference is intended to provide attendees with latest methods and most innovative solutions for organizing, investigating, prosecuting, and bringing these cases to a successful resolution.

     Hot Topics will include:

    • • Forming a cold case unit and using cold case task forces
    • • Using outside resources to solve cases
    • • Next Generation Fingerprinting
    • • Solving cases with Familial DNA
    • • Investigation of long term sexual homicides
    • • Prosecution strategies in no-body and highly circumstantial cases
    • • Behavior analysis of the crime scene
    • • How to conduct interviews in long term investigations
    • • How DNA and blood pattern evidence can identify new items for testing
    • • TANC: The New National Think Tank on Cold Case
    • • 3D visualization and historic imagery
    • • Forensic anthropology in homicide investigations
    • • How to prepare and present a cold case for review, prosecutors or court
    • • Case studies of solved and unsolved cold case



    • • Special Welcome & Introduction by Police Chief Anthony Holloway, SPPD and City Council Vice-Chair Lisa Wheeler-Bowman

      Vidocq Society Cold Case Reviews
      Attendees will have the unprecedented opportunity to consult privately with members of the Vidocq Society. The Vidocq Society, established in 1990, is one of the Nation’s leading Cold Case organizations who provide resources, expertise, and assistance to law enforcement. Their team will be reviewing cases and offering their services to detectives throughout the conference. Consultation is offered free of charge. Cases are selected on a first-come-first-served basis and must be pre-screened. To have a case reviewed by the Vidocq society in a special breakout session contact: Thomas McAndrew: tmcandrew@usf.edu

    • Key Speakers include (but not limited to):
    • • Jim Adcock, Cold Case Researcher
    • • Ryan Backmann, Project Cold Case
    • • Special Agent Charlotte Braziel (Ret. FBI)
    • • Cass Castillo, JD, Attorney General’s Office
    • • Anna Cox, Blood Pattern Forensic Consulting
    • • Teri Dewitt, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • • Michelle Doherty, JD, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • • Bryanna Fox, USF
    • • James Holland, Texas Rangers
    • • Chuck Heurich, National Institute of Justice
    • • Mike Hurley (ret. HCSO, IFAAS)
    • • Erin Kimmerle, IFAAS, Forensic Anthropology
    • • James Markey (ret. Phoenix PD), Cold Case Trainer
    • • Tom McAndrew, Pennsylvania State Police, IFAAS Cold Case Trainer
    • • Ed Gaughan (ret. Philadelphia PD), Vidocq Society
    • • Kelsey McKay, JD, Prosecutor
    • • Mitch Morrissey, JD, Ret. Prosecutor and Familial DNA Expert
    • • Major Jeff Peake, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
    • • Darrell Price, Charlottte-Mecklenberg PD
    • • Special Agent Gregory Scarboro, FBI
    • • Detective Darren Norris, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office
    • • Carrie Sutherland, NamUs
    • • Angela Williamson, Bureau of Justice Administration
    • • Sally Wolter, Michigan State Police
    • • Gina Youmans, Pasco Sheriff’s Office

    Partnering Agencies: IFAAS, TANC, Pasco Sheriff Office, St. Petersburg Police Department, Tampa Bay Police Chiefs Association, International Homicide Investigators Association, National Homicide Investigators Association, Southeast Homicide Investigators Association, AISOCC