Current Workshops

Advanced Buried Body Workshop

  • January 27-31, 2020 (40 credit hours) $650
  • Location: USF Marshall Center & USF FORT
  • Introduction: The Florida Institute for Forensic Anthropology & Applied Science presents an advanced workshop for forensic anthropologists, law enforcement, crime scene investigators, death investigators, & medical examiners on how to locate and excavate complex burials. This is an advanced course with hands-on field training, including the excavation of multiple person burials & staged outdoor crime scenes using human cadavers from the USF Human Donation program located at the USF/IFAAS FORT (Facility for Outdoor Research & Training). Participants must be able to perform physical outdoor field excavation methods and crime scene processing and must be prepared for the environmental conditions of Florida (e.g. insects, snakes, humidity, heat).

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